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TONY SEYMOUR's Biography

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Apr 2010

Tony Seymour was born in 1951 in Detroit, Michigan. He attended the University of New Mexico and the University of Hawaii. Soon after, armed with a B.A. in communications, Seymour embarked on a 5-year study of the Beat Generation. He met Bob Kaufman while working at City Lights Bookstore publicity department on Huey Newton & Erika Huggins' book 'Insights & Poems" in 1973-1975. Thereafter he studied and hung out with Kaufman for three years. In 1976 Seymour initiated a wave of publicity for Kaufman, with publications in California Living Magazine, The Berkeley Barb, Players Magazine, and the Black Panther Party Newspaper. Seymour says, "You don't have to live during the Renaissance to study with the literary masters! Studying with Kaufman was a once-in-a-lifetime chance!"

Poems for Another Time, Evolution of a Soul: The Collected Works of Tony Seymour is in the collections of several libraries, including the Bancroft Library  at UC Berkeley, the Benicia Library.. Seymour's dramatic collaboration  with Blake More, features excerpts from his book and More's poetry. And his work appears within several major Collections at Stanford University. both The Allen Ginsberg Collection and the Dr. Huey P. Newton Collection.


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