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Tony Mendoza's Books

A Cuban Summer
A Cuban Summer is a humorous coming of age story, built on the premise that it was complicated to grow up a boy in the Havana of the Fifties.  Tony de la Torre, the main character, is thirteen when the story starts. He is somewhat shy with girls, he’s obsessed with sex, and at the same time, he has a very romantic inclination. He listens to love songs on...
Ernie: A Photographer's Memoir
The original version of this book was published in a softcover version by Capra Press in 1985. It was republished in hard cover and an expanded version by Chronicle Books in 2001.  Here are a few reviews excerpts: Harvard Magazine, July-August, 2001. How many cat books out of print for a decade get a second life in a better-printed edition with 14 added images of the...
Cuba-Going Back
This book was a word and picture account of my first trip back to Cuba after 36 years of exile. Here are some review excerpts of the book:   Los Angeles Times, Sunday March 12, 2000. (Cuba: Going Back) "In his brilliant photographs, Mendoza doesn't betray any interest in the exile fantasies of return. He teases us, plays with our love of nostalgia, by bathing his black and...