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Recommended by reviewer: Jan Evan Whitford, Allbooks Review (2/09)

"When you pick up this book, fasten your seat-belt because you’re in for a thrilling ride filled with page-turning adventure in a violent clash between extraterrestrial creatures in a battle for the earth. Mr. Arthur does a terrific job of portraying a new world of invasion, unlikely alliances, complex offspring and betrayal—intermingled with complex interpersonal relationships. There’s even a little steamy sex, bordering on erotica. And who could resist a book with antagonist who is a "cauldron of malevolence?"

"Good writing should be filled with lots of conflict and tension and—believe me—the author provides plenty. He puts us right there, too, with vivid sensory descriptions and crisp, scene setting narrative. Not only that, but his unusual characters leap right off the page; I particularly liked his unique dialogue between ethereal beings, the unexpected plot twists, and the complex alliances. But what I liked best was the ongoing tension."