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Tom Lucas's Writings

So it’s going to be like that huh?One of those late night/early morningsInsomnia styleSitting a foot from the TVNibbling on stale crackersMind buggingMind scribblingBouncingGod, how you would love to sleepHaving something to sayMaybe read another blogClick another likeBack to the notebookWhat’s on your KindleBlank pageThoughts in a cage matchLousy TV1000 channels...
A blank desert stare Turns bloodshot red As sharp grain Meets fragile eye   Flow salt flow Futility blinks slowly Hands clench knuckle white Jaw grinds tightly   There is no pain like vision Absent knowledge Is a forgotten tool For breaking frozen gears   Rusted shell of machine Ancient and abandoned Buried by wraiths A hidden memory   The...
Like a sea of maggotsSo does this place appearSo vile on the onsetA horrifyingly ugly beginning. Witness the early lives formingDestined to be flies that feed on shitWithout a choice but by designAnd certainly by fate. An unfortunate time to chooseA toxic pathogen in conceptKilling slowly killing quicklyClosing its hands around my neck. Escape is not an open...