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The Indignity of Falling

It’s kind of hard to admit this

But I did something stupid

It wasn’t the last stupid thing I have done

But it was perhaps the greatest


I was at a party

Downtown, in a warehouse

Old slaughterhouse turned hipster

I was bored so I wandered


Up and up. 


Seven stories until the roof.


A spectacular evening. 


Detroit skyline.


Blinking and pretty. 


The false warmth of

Many drinks made me feel quite cozy


Night sky, stars, the manufactured beauty

Glass and concrete creations

I thought it was all quite special

Pardon my precocious sentimentality


Took a few steps around a water tower

One step too many I’m afraid

Found myself gripping the edge of the roof

Thought I might die hard


Slipping fingers and thoughts to instinct

And down I went ass first, head second

To the fifth floor, my good sir

No stops in-between


There I lay, half-in-a-stupor

Facepalming just thinking about it

By the providence of the greater

I landed on a second roof instead of the street


Then the waiting, the hallucinating

The worry, the piss, the dehydration

The hunger, the pain, the shame

Broken hip couldn’t move no one knew


Took nearly two days for them to find me

I was a complete wreck a damned fool

Fractured bones and ego but happy

For a stretcher ride out of the shit


8 days in the hospital

10 weeks on crutches

15 years of head shaking

It’s been a while but I don’t forget


I dodged a bullet

I was spared for what purpose I

Might never know for sure

But I recognize the gift


One day my number will be called

Ticket punched and all  that

A lovely service then

The trash heap


And there I will be watching

All of the events of my life

With the big bearded guy keeping

His finger on the rewind button


He’s going to want to watch this particular

Highlight more than a few times

And I will have no choice but to sit

Patiently waiting


While God laughs his ass off.