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On Self-publishing: Getting my Novel to the Masses, Part 6


On to the next part of the adventure…the author headshot.

As I continue to march closer and closer to getting my book out there, many exciting pieces continue to fall into place. However, as I am not an aggressive or natural marketer, I find myself flummoxed by many micro-decisions. I am hoping that you might be able to help.

An essential part of an “author’s platform” or online presence is a quality head shot. A professional photo that captures a bit of personality and gives folks an idea of who they are dealing with. Actors live and die by them. Models too.

For most of the year, I have relied on my spunky little avatar photo to do all the heavy lifting in this regard. Anytime I needed a profile pic, I chose “Great Blue” which you can find down there in the lefthand corner of my home page, my twitter page, my facebook, my Goodreads, blah blah blah. It’s served me well, but it’s just a dumb photo from some random night out on the town. It’s time to turn up the knobs on this image shit.

My good friend, killer editorial and fashion photographer Erika Barker, was kind enough to lend me her talents. Thanks to her and my inner Zoolander, I now have some photos to work with. They should last me until I get old and distinguished. By then I’ll need a hologram headshot so you can really see my cybernetic implants. (I’m trying to plan ahead).

Anyway, if you would be so kind to let me know what you think, that would rock. You can leave comments on the individual pics, or use the handy poll tool thingy below that. You can pick as many as you like. Thanks in advance for your input.

If you could head to this link to check out my potential pics and provide some feedback, I will be your friend for life. Thanks!