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Hey Buddy, Can Your Spare a "Like"?

Hey all!

I finally got off my duff and set up an official Author page on Facebook. With my novel about to be released, I figured it was time to do that Facebook thing.

What is most exciting to me is that it will give me the opportunity to interact with all the fab people who have been stopping by my blog. There's some very cool stuff ahead, and I would like to be talking with you as it happens.

If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate it if you could throw a "Like" my way: http://www.facebook.com/TomLucasAuthor

I am not a Spam-master. I will not choke your newsfeed with a bunch of self-serving junk. I will not pollute your space with endless status updates telling you to buy this, click that. 

Also, if you have an author page, I am happy to trade Likes, provided you aren't writing about something I oppose. We are all in this together.