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Four Days! And some other cool news.


Hey Folks!

Only FOUR DAYS until the OFFICIAL release of Leather to the Corinthians. Crazy! Each day I vibrate just a bit faster. At this rate I should burst into flames by the middle of next week.

I have some great developments that I will be sharing once we get to the other side of my publishing wormhole. Besides the fact that my book will finally be available to the public, I am equally excited about all the new communities and venues that will be open to me now that I have a book to sell. There's some amazing new worlds to explore, and I will be sharing all of them with you. Perhaps most exciting will be the opportunity to join Red Room as an author!

The other day, the incredible Alice Brook nominated me for the Liebster award. This is two Liebsters in two months. Wow. It's an extensive award in terms of how you are to respond to it. I fully plan to craft my post for it, but I wanted to mention it now as Alice has been a strong supporter of my work and I would like to throw some attention her awesome blog. Thanks Alice!

I have three holiday parties this weekend, my book release next week, and a book signing next weekend. I will be drinking copious amounts of coffee and adding a notch to my belt. There is going to be a lot of time in the gym next month.