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My Dirty Little Secret

Maybe I'm an egotistical freak but I simply have to admit that I am my favorite writer. Is this normal? Of course this hasn't always been the case. I have not always had such a fondness for my own writing, but I really like the stuff I've been producing lately.

I should qualify my determination of what I call "favorite." I don't think that my writing is better than other writers. Favorite to me is a subject connection rather than a declaration of perceived quality. For example, my favorite movie ever is THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSION, but I would never attempt to argue that this is the best movie ever. On many accounts it couldn't even be considered a "good" movie, but I still watch it every time it's on. I LOVE that movie.

So recently I have come to realize that I have developed the same connection with my own writing. I enjoy reading my own writing. Oh the hubris.

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Not Hubris

Appreciation of style. Whose style would you like better than your own, after all? Go ahead, BE the yardstick.

PS: the Buckaroo movie just finished playing. I'm a sucker for it too. Same with Cool Hand Luke.

It's not about "quality"; it's about what we like. That's why most of us fall in love with completely "average" others.

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BE the secret

Oh the self-love!