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Broke Down on Kindle

Yes, my latest novel, Broke Down on the Road to Glory, is now available for the Kindle for a mere 99 cents. How come it's so much cheaper than the print book? No dead trees!

I'm starting to warm up to this e-book concept. Being a closet tree-hugger I like the idea of killing fewer trees, but I also like being able to charge so much less for my books. That may sound weird, but being a relatively new writer I feel uncomfortable asking people to cough up ten bucks to read my stuff. But at less than a buck for the e-version, if they don't like it they're just out the cost of a single Krispy Kream.

On the other hand, 99 cents is about average for what I pay for books anyhow. The vast majority of my reading consumption comes from Goodwill and library books sales. I'm a cheap reader so I can only expect that my target audience are also cheap readers.

I guess now though I'll have to break down and buy one of the Kindle things for myself. Maybe finally get around to reading all those Project Gutenburg books I've been meaning to read.