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Tom Crum's Books

Journey to Center features humorous and poignant stories on the exploration of centered and uncentered states. Whether in Southeast Asia or his backyard in Aspen, Tom Crum finds adventures that constantly amaze and entertain. Journey to Center provides powerful lessons about center and its application in daily living.
This international best-selling book is an in-depth look at Thomas Crum’s approach to conflict resolution. It includes illustrations, stories, and exercises that can be easily practiced to transform your life into a work of art.
Three Deep Breaths
Three Deep Breaths provides a simple technique that you can use, no matter how busy you are, to transform tough situations into positive, energizing experiences. It is a mind/body technique that combines the “cognitive-restructuring” capability of the brain (the ability to change our attitudes and perceptions of the world) with the calmness and presence of an aligned, centered...