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Journey to Center


Journey to Center is weeklong introduction into the body of work which forms the base for Tom Crum's three books, Magic of Conflict, Journey to Center, and Three Deep Breaths.

Journey to Center is an opportunity to turn your stress into vitality, conflicts into powerful relationships, and 'busyness' into being.

It combines full-group sessions, small-group discussion, mind/body exercises, and one-on-one coaching, all in a rejuvenating, pristine, Rocky Mountain setting, to create a dynamic, entertaining, and enlightening experience.

The program is open to everyone. It is an excellent team-building experience. Whether you attend independently or with colleagues or family members, you will learn skills that will help you to be "tough on the issue, soft on the person

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Jan.28.2008 - 7:11 pm
 I don't know Patry Francis personally but I am touched by the amount of support by her friends to let people know about her book. Please check out her personal website and...
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