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Dec 2007

Tom Corwin's latest book Mr. Fooster: Traveling on a Whim, illustrated by Craig Frazier, was published by Doubleday on their Flying Dolphin Press imprint in June 2008.

Mr. Fooster is a mystical whimsical Illustrated tale for adults. Publishers Weekly says "This slender, graceful allegory from Mostly Bob author Corwin embraces creation, humor and joy. Full of surprises, Corwin's aphoristic gift book invites repeated readings."

New World Library published Tom's first book Mostly Bob in 2006. Mostly Bob was the true story of his dogs remarkable life and a tribute to a soul who changed his own destiny. Tom designed this spare book as a meditation to a life well lived. Mostly Bob was featured as "Great Read" in People Magazine.

Tom Corwin also works as a musician, recording engineer and producer with a long list of credits including Patti LaBelle, Booker T., Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Wonder.



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Mr Fooster;Traveling on a Whim


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