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2011 Spinel summit

A remote stone in the GIA category of stones hard enough to set in jewelry.
The classic cheap ruby substitute.
A footnote without any commercial value.
Hardly commercially traded.
Or so it was in 1988.
Until I went to the Burma border, Mee Sout, Thailand.
Hunched up in the mountains, I didn't want ruby; I didn't want sapphire;
I didn't want zircon; I didn't want jade.
I wanted the stone that noone else wanted.
I wanted spinel and I wanted all of it.
The 2 day trip turned into a week.
I asked my wife to trust me.
A million dollars and six months later she had doubled her money.
A million dollars and six months later I finally took a day off to play tennis.
But watch.
Now the great gathering for spinel.
I bought it when noone wanted it.
I sold it to people that thought they needed it.
Think anybody remembers?

I already ate a big bacon cheeseburger.

These people don't even want to let me pass the ketchup.