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Second Chance

Second ChanceBy Justin Vawter Greco T. BuenaguaI used to love someone
The way I never loved before
Until she was gone
And left through my door

I thought that was over
For I already think that
She was gone forever
And there’s nothing I got

I sat on a bench by the tree
On a cold winter night
I saw a bird flying so free
Beneath that bright light

Then I saw your face 
Blooming in the darkness
These weren’t the days
That I held your caress

My heart skipped its beat
I thought you we’re mine again
I held you with no regret
Like we did underneath the rain

I smiled at you as what you did
Thinking you were meant for me
Like what I used to think as a kid
Thinking we’re young and free
But the bright days turned into night
It’s now my time to leave you and go
Thanks for the chance that I held you tight
At least you have erased my sorrow