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Tales from Two Cities: Universities and Literary Communities


Tobias Wolff, Peter Richardson, Paul Yamazaki, Laura Cogan

How do literary communities arise? How are they sustained? What's the lasting role and influence of single institutions — Stanford's Stegner program, for example — on the region, the state, the nation? How about bookstores, salons, other ways and places in which writers gather, gain support of one sort or another, and do their work? What are the connections — personal, historical, and otherwise—between such places and programs?

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Dec.01.2007 - 4:23 pm
It's like spelunking, with a light on your hat. … You’re descending into dark and unknown territory and you can never see very far ahead. –Me, quoted on Salon.com, December 16th...
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Who wants to read yet another novel about a teenage boy … who feels awkward and out of place at a New England prep school? Then again, you know you’re in the hands of a great...