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On Anonymous
Clearly this is not Shakespeare worthy but oh, like Cleopatra, may we as we age, be ageless and this book is about being ageless
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By guest blogger Meg Pearson. Meg is an Associate Professor at the Univ of West Georgia in Renaissance Drama and she is Tina Sloans wonderful niece - She is married and lives in Atlanta, Ga with her brand new baby Piper and her husband Marcus.

This is about the new movie declaring William Shakespeare a fiction for Anonymous, who was really Edward de Vere. It's sonnet length, in pentameter, and a nod to Marc Antony's speech in Julius Caesar. 

[On Anonymous]

Friends, Tweeps, Bloggers, lend me your able thoughts.

I come to consider Anonymous.

The writing that men (and women!) pen lives

After them, though the good stuff is rarely

Kept online. So let it be with Anon-

ymous, whom noble critics have told you

Was ambitious, but a bit shy, really.

If it were so, t'were a bit of a

Shock to my family, friends, printers, players.

Here, under leave of de Vere and the rest -

An honorable sort, as are Marlowe,

Bacon, Bess, Judith, and the dozens more-

Come I to contemplate attribution.

Thou hast thy ‘Will,' why seek convolution?