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Walking into the Red Room

What is this place I have wandered into? I hope the people are kind. Please remember this is my first time. Be gentle. Let me take it slow. I never realized I could write. The more I do it, the more I like it. 

The Internet has come a long way from 1995.  I remember my first encounter with the world wide web. It was aol 2.5 and I was in amazment the things that are person could do on there. I have been chatting, posting, and emaling for 14 years but never really knew what "blog" was. I mean, I have always posted on message boards but never offically blogged. 

What the world has expereinced is a revolution in thought. Everyone is able to share their thoughts at anytime, with anyone. At anytime of the day you can jump on and let everything go. The online babble, what a wonderful concept. The question is, who is listening? Or reading, I should say. You, over there, yes you... dont stare at my words like that! It's kind of creepy isnt it? Today we do not have that need to be so private with our thoughts and expressions. We open them up to anyone out there. The people we express ourselves too, could be anyone, skinny, fat, smelly, clean, rich, poor, barefoot, high heals, to name a few. 

The world is so much smaller today. We have the ability to express ourselves at anytime with anyone. We have the ability to create beauitufl works of written expression that can be shared by the push of a key. If we have such technology could it not be used to fix the global community? Could all these beautiful words be shared and create the unity that we see online, in the real world?

In the last 14 years I have made many friends online. Friends who I have shared some of my saddest and happiest moments. These groups of strangers who have crossed my path via the super information highway are part of the fabric in my life. One of my groups I am apart of online showed me I could write. Showing me this hidden talent has changed my life, more then they know.  Groups of people bring out things in ourselves that we could never have discovered other wise. Before this wonderful tool how did we reach out to those across the shores, the mountains, and the desserts.  Reaching out is what it is all about. Extending that hand out there to find the someone who can understand you, can sympothize with you, and will listen without judgement. 

Maybe our world leaders should get online more. Maybe they should blog or join a group online. A online global community of leaders expressing their concerns and worries to each other.  Reaching  that virtual hand out to one another with one purpose in mind, peace, or at least trying for it. 

I am looking forward to my blog life and expressing my thoughts in written form. I am also excited to have you all read them! Maybe some day all my online friends could come to Erie, Pa and I would make them the most amazing pasta dinner of their lives! We would drink wine and finally put the words to the face.  Does anyone want to come over? Just email me first! 

Oh and FYI , My spelling is horrible and I cant figure out how to spell check on this thing. Great writer I am, speller I am not!

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Welcome, Tina!

Red Room is a great place to practice writing, get constructive feedback, and really connect with other writers. I truly hope you enjoy being part of this community!

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Hi tina, I just read your post because I am a brand new member myself, and I'm glad I found this virtual community of writers. I feel I am free to express myself here.
I hope you can have a look at my very first post... it's my first post in English language.

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Amazing technology...

Just discovered you, Tina. Yes, today's technology is almost unbelievable. You are a fine writer indeed. You can always write in a word processing program and use the spell check there. Then copy and post here. I don't think RR has a spell check.