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Erie, Pa
I met my husband on New Years eve.. 1989, getting ready to be 1990...We had never intended on this being a long term thing but here we are 19 years later. His name is Carlos, he works very hard at a wonderful company called Eriez Magnetics in Erie, Pa.
Jan 2009

Who is Tina? Ah, She is a cornacopia of brightly colored fruits. Somedays she is a sweet and tastey strawberry and other days a sour old lemon.

I am the mother of three, and the wife to my high school sweetheart (I didn't meet him in high school, and he was out of school, but my sweetheart none the less)

We live in Erie, Pa. A small city, big town, next to beautiful Lake Erie. This place is a combination of city, rural, sand, water, and woods.

I never knew I could write. It just started one day when I stumbled on this little place on Cafemom. I found a group called the Journal Mavens and I fell in love with them and everything they had to say. I soon started to ride on their coat tails and put my own thoughts down. Before I knew it, I realised I was a writer. I am a writer who loves the center of attention so you had better read this babble!

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Writing, the internet, volenteering, grant writing, fundraising, cooking, wine tasting, the kids and I love to hike, and I love the outdoors. We play a lot of board games and baking together.