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Rose House (smallest).jpg
Published by Novel Reviews/Novel Journey
I was mesmerized from the very first page. “It seemed to be the cottage that was alive, but it was only the vines twining in on themselves and clinging to the structure that were...
Rose House (smallest).jpg
Published by Faithfulreader.com
"Readers will appreciate Tina Ann Forkner’s finely tuned ability to bring to life both her characters' strong realistic emotions and the physical beauty that surrounds them. ROSE...
Published by Entrepreneur.com/Reviewers Bookwatch
In this her debut novel author Tina Ann Forkner has done an outstanding job of capturing the very essence of her characters... She writes as one who is well established and this...
Published by The Thin Red Line
Forkner’s writing style and voice is fresh, unique, and insightful. It’s beautiful how she pulls you into the heart and mind of someone sheltered from life so much that she truly...
Published by Publisher's Weekly
"...When Ruby DiCamillo dies unexpectedly from asthma, her eight-year-old daughter Lucy blames herself for not reaching her mother’s inhaler in time. As she grows into a young...
Published by BlogCritics Magazine
Ruby Among Us is a novel about love, forgiveness, and understanding involving a grandmother and granddaughter. The granddaughter, Lucy is eight years old when she begins telling...
Published by Armchair Interviews
Peel back the layers of any person,” Kitty DiCamillo tells her granddaughter Lucy in Tina Ann Forkner’s Ruby Among Us, “and you’ll find pain and suffering well-hidden in their...
Published by Romantic Times Book Reviews
4 1/2 Stars “In this memorable debut novel, the characters are well written and interesting…Readers will not want this story to end."