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Something Gonna Give By Timothy Pina

Somethings Gonna Give! By T. Pina
" A poem about broken relationships "


We are two very strong headed, unchangeable persons, always clashing with each other in life!

We have both caused so much pain and heartless strife.

We're guilty of holding back each other from progressing on the roads of life.

Yet one thing's sure, in all this turmoil we call a releationship, that seems to always find it's way through our door.

The truth is, that's something's gonna give, we can't endure much more;


I truly loathed you for oh so long, yet for the kid's sake I keep quiet and tried to hold on!

Our years together felt like a prison sentence that would never end,

A thousand years of hell that help could never mend.

We can't keep living tit for tat, hoping to survive on a premise false as that.


We were never each other's soul mate, that was quite clear from our turbulent start.

 That shouldn't have been a reason, to break each others hearts.

If we don't stop playing these games, hurting with all this pain,

then something's just gonna give, if not we'll both go insane;


Didn't my hurtful words, I could never hold back, always cut you down?

 The times you stabed me through my heart with your infidelity,

didn't I patch myself up and try to stay around?


I'm not threatening you, hell  I would never do that.

 In all this misery, I'm just stating a true fact.

If we don't turn oursevles around and stop this destructive course,

then all that we sacraficed for will crash and burn.

It will do so with no remorse.


Because in the end something's gonna give, mark my words with that;

 Sad to say, like a bridge structurally damage under constant heavy stress;

Something's gonna give, it just alway's does!