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Boca Raton, FL
Jan 2009

Renowned Wall Street analystTim Kellis takes on what could be considered society’s biggest problem today,divorce. The journey that led to him tackling such a significant issue was bothpersonal and professional. After a successful career that eventually landed himon Wall Street Tim met what he thought was the girl of his dreams, only to seethat relationship end with bitterness and anger. The journey included work witha marital therapist, and after he discovered the therapist wasn’t reallyhelping decided to tackle the issue himself.


Ambition and a strong aptitude for math helped leadKellis to discover how to make relationships work. His math skills led directlyto an engineering degree, nine years in the telecommunications industry, an MBAin finance, and finally on to Wall Street, where he became the very firstsemiconductor analyst to focus on the communications market.


After publishing a 300-page initiation piece entitled Initiating Coverage of theSemiconductor Industry: Riding the Bandwidth Wave, Kellis became a leadingsemiconductor analyst at one of the biggest firms on Wall Street. Theexperience he gained as a Wall Street analyst provided an excellent backdropfor becoming an expert on relationships, and resulted in his relationship bookentitled “Equality: The Quest for theHappy Marriage”.  

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