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Chaya after 32 years

I thought of this concept for two years as I would wake at night from time to time and look at my wife Karen sleeping (Chaya is her Jewish name meaning "life"). Our son couldn't make his rent Christmas 2009 so there went our Holiday money to spend on each other. I wrote this for her to have something to give....comment welcome...tj

To Chaya after 32 years

Jealous moon
Stealing in my night window
to touch the woman of your longing

Caress her face with love
The aging lines of her eyes
Her mouth and lips
The signs of passing years
That you have been without

Her highlights dance up
To meet your touch
As they once did
Along the path you illuminated

Reveling in her every step
Her laugh and joy
the brightness of her eyes
Jealous of my kiss

Feel her chest rise and fall
As though each breath
Was a dream, a hope, an aspiration
And every release
A resignation

You linger
over the memories of pain and sacrifice
Entombed where our three babies grew
Strong, healthy and full of life

You have no arms to wrap around her
No lips to kiss away her tears
When in her sadness and betrayal
that youth has failed her
That her beauty is gone

You have no words to whisper in her ear
That her sacrifice of one
Had born three living testaments
Beautiful in their youth
Of a passion freely and completely given
in full measure, to a love that was true

Oh jealous moon
The faithful ardent suitor
You have followed her many years
But I have always offered you to her
Merely for the asking