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Holt, Michigan
I have been married to Karen for 32 years.
Aug 2010

My twenties and thirties were spent writing songs and performing on my guitar with my wife in pubs and restaurants around Michigan. We played for around 25 years and played 36 weddings. When we had our three children, it was harder to keep up with that schedule but I continued to write from time to time. Now we have an empty nest (ever wonder why that sounds a lot like emptiness?) and I am trying to write every day. My family means so much to me that without my children around, I am struggling. Our last is a sophmore. Whereas songwriting for me meant rhyming, I have found a wonderful freedom now in not rhyming. Humor has also been a huge part of my life. As a child, I was very small and skinny and learned to be funny to keep from getting my ass kicked by being funny. Now it is a valuable resource in my social and family life and I haven't had my ass kicked for years. I have been published two times; one article in Sailing World and one in an Insurance trade magazine (that had to go through about 9 different people and didn't even feel like my article anymore) that bored me to tears by the final publication. I am constantly reading journals and poetry. But I have to admit that the "modern" poetry that I read today is completely incomprehensible to me. I have a BS in Psychology and a Masters in Human Resources and I can't understand any of it. I picked up a copy of the Columbia Poetry Review and could not find one writing that I enjoyed. Everything I read made me feel like an uneducated idiot. Is it just me? I don't want to write pieces that people don't understand. It is my hope to work toward publication. When I was a musician, I felt an absolute confidence in my ability and my identity. As a writer, I currently feel a mere fledgling. I am hoping to grow some mature feathers someday. I welcome any feedback or contact or opinions on  my writings.

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Music, reading, golf