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Book Trailer for "Murder Of An American Nazi"

The video is a preview, or "book trailer," of my novel of historical fiction, "Murder Of An American Nazi."

Here is a brief synopsis of the book:
At the end of World War II the CIA, through a program called Operation Paperclip, evacuates Nazi scientists, doctors, and spies to the US, where they are provided with safe haven and jobs in our defense, aerospace, and intelligence spheres. One of the ex-Nazis, Walter Dornberger, turns up shot to death in southern Illinois in 1980. Don Hayes, the detective who investigates the murder, uncovers the truth of who Dornberger really was. The investigation takes the reader on a journey to Nazi-occupied France, the German death camps, foreign coup d'etats, the JFK assassination, and revolution in central America. One of Hayes’ suspects turns out to be a concentration camp refugee, Hannah Kanermann, whose mother and brother were brutalized by Dornberger. When Hannah discovers that the CIA helped Dornberger escape prosecution for war crimes and arranged for his safe passage to the U.S., she turns the tables on Dornberger, his Nazi cronies, and their CIA protectors.

Hayes’ investigation also blows the lid off other CIA atrocities such as the drugging and brainwashing of innocent, unsuspecting citizens (MK-ULTRA); the subversion of the free press in America and its conversion into a propaganda wing of the military-industrial complex (Operation Mockingbird); and the overthrow of duly-elected governments around the world. Hayes eventually solves the murder of Dornberger, but becomes disillusioned with his country along the way.

The book is a fast-paced conspiracy thriller for those who want to know more about the real history of post-WWII America. And, please note, though the book is listed as historical fiction, the events which make up the historical backdrop of the work are historical facts. The CIA did provide safe haven in America for thousands of Nazi war criminals after WWII (Operation Paperclip), did drug and brainwash its own citizens (MK-ULTRA), did hire, train, place, and/or coerce media assets (Operation Mockingbird), and did assassinate leaders (ZR-RIFLE and Executive Action). These atrocities have been largely kept hidden from Americans through Mockingbird. Frank Wisner, who ran Mockingbird in the 1950s, once boasted that the secret program was like his own “mighty Wurlitzer. I can play any tune I want on it, and America will follow along.” William Colby, head of the CIA for a time in the 1970s, admitted that, “The CIA owns anyone of significance at all major media outlets.”

Dornberger was a real guy also. A Nazi rocket scientist responsible for thousands of slave labor deaths at Nordhausen and Mittelwerk, he was evacuated to the US by Allen Dulles. Dulles eventually placed him with Bell Helicopter (a major defense contractor during the Vietnam War) of Dallas/Fort Worth. There he worked closely with Michael Paine, husband of Ruth Paine. Lee Harvey Oswald and his family lived with Ruth Paine in the autumn of 1963, and it was Paine who got Oswald the job at the Texas School Book Depository. The Dulleses and the Paines were no strangers to one another. Dulles’s mistress, Mary Bancroft, was best friends with Michael Paine’s mother. Dulles, of course, served on the Warren Commission where he helped cover up the truth of JFK’s assassination.