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Literary Fiction Website updated

My Bonalibro website, for writers of literary fiction, continues to make progress. It has only been up for a fortnight, but the number of authors keeps growing (albeit slowly, quality takes time) and it has already attracted the interest of a small publishing house, the owner of which has made two passes at it, once to register and once to join the forum. There isn't a lot of action yet, but I am posting and people are commenting, and there is some fine writing on it. If anyone has a literary novel they would like to showcase on the site, please give us a visit. The goal is to have a place where writers of literary fiction can get critiques from readers who might enjoy what they write, as opposed to those who condemn it out of hand for being too high falutin'. I have noticed how difficult it is to find astute readers, and work that enjoy reading. That is why I started the site.