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This scene, from my novel, Banana Republican Blues, depicts the act in a humorous vein, as if seen through gauzy curtains rather than a keyhole, and it's more about communication and the tenderness of loving couples, than it is about just doing it. To me it is more eros than porn.

It begins with a CB monologue, which the reader should understand already having been treated to several of them in the preceding chapters, and ends as a wet dream. It isn't as gratuitous as the title implies.


Chapter 11: Some Purely Gratuitous Sex

“Finally found that Gofer Aynis holed up in motel room with gal come down from New York City, thought that boy was a hoot and a holler. Always loved a man, she said, could make me laugh like that. Started taking off her clothes, doing a fancy strip tease for him, hadn’t even pulled the shades, just them gauzy curtains drawn. He was having a grand old time, me looking in the window at them, that girl throwing herself at him, him not giving a damn about it, least not seeming so to me...”

...must’ve drove that woman crazy, she being so pretty and all; sticking her nipple in his ear, and rubbering all around in there, doing her level headed best to make that man come round to her, but that boy he just played it cool. Yessirreebob, I mean to tell you, that girl’s doin a lap dance for him, and you can tell he’s jest been dying to sink his teeth in that rippling flesh and tear out a chunk for dinner. But she’s been telling him all along he’s not allowed to touch her, only way she gets turned on is turning him on first, she says, and she still ain’t seen nothing yet. That’s just fine with Gofer Aynis cause he ain’t known too many women didn’t let him do all the work, so when she says she wants a kiss, he reaches up and grabs her hair and tries to pull her lips down to him, and she says, not my face, you fool. She says not to give a woman everything she says she wants, he ought to kiss her somewhere else and work his way round slowly, wait until she’s dying for it. That gal’s fighting all the way, writhing like a garter snake, trying to line things up just right, so when he finally does get there and slides his tongue between her lips and licks her round and round real slow working towards her sweet spot, she just goes hog wild on him, grunting and moaning and laughing so loud you could’ve heard it down on Main, and they ain’t even doing the deed. Then he says let’s sit and cuddle, and touch each other softly, and talk a little, and kiss some more, and make each other laugh a bit, and just enjoy the peace and quiet, ain’t no need to hurry none. Says he likes the way it feels, all kind of peaceful like, like he was still in Paradise and not the sinner he’s supposed to be. Only faith a good man needs is sex and solitude, he says. He never gets so close to God as when he’s with a woman. She asks him what she should do and he tells her she’s doing great just the way she is, fills that woman’s face with smiles. She gets down between his legs and starts undoing his jeans and all, and before you know it she’s licking and kissing this way and that and up and down and all around, like she’d gotten into a slurpee or something, runs that salivacious tongue everywhere but where he wants until he’s screaming for it too. Pretty soon they’re on the floor and he’s doing much the same to her until they’s both in dire pain and there’s only a couple of ways to relieve it and they take the second one, like they was leaving the best for last, and was they ever getting down. She tells that old Gofer Aynis there’s this little trick she likes using the thumb and pinkie finger, says to stick them here and there, to rock them back forth real slow, along with a little tonguing action, and that gets her all hot and bothered, plum near ready for the Turkish Army. She keeps telling him to take her, but he shakes his head no, says he’d like to stop again so they can talk some more. She tells him that’s fine with her so long as he’s inside, she’s been waiting long enough to feel that piece of meat in there, and if he likes she’ll get on top so he won’t have to move or nothing. She gets herself situated, sinks his ship in her louche lips, gives him the happiest look in the eye he ever did get from a good woman, and she starts moving her haunches some until they’re pumping back and forth as rhythmical as rock’n roll. She says, what shall we talk about? But he’s so drunk on that look in her eye he’d like to tell her lots of things but that old boy’s been lost so long he just don’t know what to tell her. Don’t know how much she can take, or even if he’d bear the telling. He just licks her ears a while and tells her how he likes her loving, and asks her what she’d like from him and she says she likes bronco busting. That old Gofer Aynis, he lifts his back up off the floor and gives that gal a mustang ride, you’d think she was a rodeo star as long as she hung on to him, and loving every second of it.