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I feel like I've finally finished my novel, Banana Republican Blues, I've been working on it intensively the past several months, modifying lots of stuff, refining and tweeking other stuff, adding more character and plot development, a bit of intellectual substance, a little Tom Robbins here, with lots of amusing wordplay, some inspiration from Shakespeare there, with Eddie's malfeasance resulting in his parents' suicide, with his denial breaking down as he comes to terms with it during the course of the novel. I came to a particular passage last night, reading "the last bastion of Eddie's boyhood" and for "boyhood" substituted "perpetual adolescence." And suddenly it just felt finished. 

I googled "perpetual adolescence" and came up with some references to the Puer Aeternis archetype, and realized that not only was it Eddie, but the main subsidiary characters were the other aspects of it. And it all came out of me, somehow. I've spell and grammar checked it and proofed it, and the copy could not be much cleaner. I added a few more tweaks today, a few things needing clarification in accordance with the insight, and it's done. All 79,600 some words, a respectable length for any book. 

Now it's on the ABNA, again. If it doesn't get past the quarterfinals, this time, I'll be very disappointed. 

So why the question mark? Because I thought it was done so many times and it kept getting rejected. But never did it feel done.