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"Golden" P'oem Tribute to Steve Harvey
Colors of a Man, Tribute to African-American Men


His dimples danced and sparkled in the fireplace,

While her brown eyes, glowed

In the amber coals,

At the Ballentyne Resort.

Like the north star that guides,

Your way when you are lost,

His dimples are just golden. 

Soft, sexy, sensuous lips that encircle a mouth that,

Miraculously manages to utter words of wisdom,

Encouragement, comedy, and satire all within the same sentence.

His lips are just golden. 

Just like you can count on the sun to rise every morning,

You can count on him to start each day, with a smile.

And a special praise fest, for all of his blessings.

He begins each day with praise for the Lord.

A praying man is always golden


Listeners get salvation, satire, and almost lose their sanity, 

Each morning.

And just when you think you can’t laugh anymore,

He delights with another comedic sketch to keep,

You laughing for hours.


He shows up and shows out, with that outstanding country charm and advice,

That only could have come from his momma.

And you start to realize, what a rare species that he is.

His momma must have been golden. 

Big daddy of all time, bopping, bodacious, like Belafonte in those old movies,

Smiling, styling, stepping, strutting, and sparkling from head to toe,

With signature suit, stylish hat, and diamond watch to boot.

Steve Harvey is Billy Dee, Belafonte, Sydney Poitier, and Cosby

Entertwined into one, with his own special twist.


He has his audience enamored with his charm, wit, and style.

That contagious laugh of his always,

Leaves you with a special glow.

Just like ice cream is good to the last drop,

And the end of the show, you hate that he has to go.

That man is just golden.