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My Guilty Pleasure - The NFL Draft
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I am a huge NFL fan. The NFL draft was just competed yesterday. It was a new format, round 1 was held Thursday night, rounds 2 & 3 on Friday and rounds 4 - 7 on Sat. If you were on the west coast however, you got jobbed. Thursday it started at 7pm EST to air in prime time. Well, I guess EST stands for Extra Special Treatment because for those of us in PST, Probably Screwed Tonight, the NFL draft, the high holy days of the NFL began at 4pm on a Thursday. So much for my annual Draft Day Party. So much for the tradition of sitting for hours upon end to delight in all that is NFL. To compound the problem the NFL came back the next day, Friday, with a 3PM start. Just in case we were able to get off work early enough on Thursday to actually watch some of it. The kicker however, came on Saturday with a 7AM start. 7AM! Saturday! This qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment to start the draft at 7am on a Saturday morning. Ridiculous. Letters were written, emails sent. They won't get away with this. There are people who live west of the Mississippi, you know.
I am sure that the commissioner will be on the phone with me shortly.
On the bright side, the San Diego Chargers had a great draft and I am thrilled with our picks.  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/12052