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Be Careful What You WIsh For
How far can you go before justice becomes revenge.
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"Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it."
   Hello all. I know I haven't written anything in a while. No particular reason, I just don't feel that my every thought is that engaging. However, with the events of the past few days I have managed to formulate a thought or two that I want to share.   I am a registered Democrat but have views that differ from the party line. I am only a Democrat because of the two choices I have, without throwing my vote away on a misguided principle, I find they are more closely aligned with my way of thinking. After this election I find myself even more in tune with that side of the fence. Not because of what they stand for but for because of how they are reacting.    Two years ago this country made me more proud to be an American than I have even been. With the election of President Obama we broke barriers that I thought would take years to overcome. I was excited and filled with anticipation at the possibilities. Then the other side raised its head and cried "Armageddon" "End of our country as we know it", "Its the start of Socialism, Marxism and every other 'ism," they could find.    And now the worm has turned. The Republicans won the House and displaced many Democratic offices. Since the election on Tuesday though, I have heard no cries of despair, no tearing of lapels or ripping out of hair from the left. I have not seen anyone putting up hateful, racist, signs or threatening violence.    On the news however, I do hear the Republicans and their red-headed step child, The Tea Party, crying out once again. "This election has sent a message to this country!"  They are dancing in the streets, fist bumping and hugging, it is as though they have been stranded in an Arctic wasteland and rescue has just arrived. It is as though suddenly, overnight, the world has changed.    Well, here's some news for those newly elected officials on both sides of the fence; nothing has changed. You have not accomplished anything except get elected, and if memory serves me correctly a dead man managed to do that a few years back. If I were a newly elected member of Congress I would be pissing my pants, not glad-handing everyone I see. By winning the election you also win the right to bear responsibility for the woes of this nation. You have won the right to face the challenge of finding solutions to the problems that were created during the eight long years of George W Bush. You have won the right to stand in front of this nation and explain yourself when you fail. You all made some very loud and very bold proclamations about what was wrong with this country and how to fix it. You know how quickly public opinion can be swayed. Better take heed and do what you said you would do.    In my eyes, this election did not send a message to America, this election brought a message from America to you, Mr/Mrs Newly Elected Official. The message is clear, stop the crap, stop the in-fighting and back-stabbing, recognize that a victory only occurs when a problem is solved, not when you block your opponent from being successful. Your job is to solve the problems of this country, not to get elected next time around or to squash any legitimate attempt at a solution simply because it did not originate in your party.    This is my plea to the entire Congress and particularly The House of Representatives. You fought and you won. Congratulations. Now, go do your job. And to clarify, your job is not to enhance your parties political power, your job is to solve the problems of this country and you can only do that by working together, by encouraging new ideas and embracing the good ones, no matter where they originate. Your job is to see to it that EVERY one of your campaign promises is fulfilled.    For me, the '08 election was about two things. I wanted some kind of health care reform. I knew we wouldn't get everything that was needed with health care, but I wanted a foothold, I wanted a start at fixing this problem. I recently saw Jimmy Carter and he spoke about his health care reform attempt in the late '70's. I remembered when Bill Clinton took office, Hillary's main focus was health care reform. Over thirty years and NOTHING had been done because of the powerful lobby of the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance industry.  President Obama promised a health care reform bill and he got one passed. Is it the best one, no? The bill was disemboweled on the floor and a watered down version was passed. But it was passed.   The second issue for me was the war. I wanted our men and women out of Iraq. I saw no reason for any America to die in that God-forsaken wasteland. President Obama has removed the troops.    If this new Congress can live up to that standard, we are all in for some very good years ahead. Even if you don't believe that the standard is very high, it is still a standard and if they can live up to it, we are in good shape. Only by working together and leaving our party affiliations at the door can we truthfully and successfully solve the issues we face.