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Bracebridge, Ont. Canada
Apr 2010

The best description i can give you is , well traveled.  My Resume reads like that of  Louis L'Amour.  I have served as a sailor in the US Navy, security and enforcement, construction, as well as transportation as a OTR truck driver.  I have learned what I write though living some of it. 

Literally a road scholar you might say.  My first novel Shadow War is a suspense thriller.  Reviews posted on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Good Reads all feature four recurring words, "impossible to put down".  And I thank those readers and appreciate their comments.

I am discovering however the difficulty of marketing a self published book.   Especially while I work on the second Shadow war book, Deadly Contact.

I invite those who do not know my writing to check it out.  Comparisons have been made to Clancy, Patterson, and Thor.

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My intrests are pretty simple, hunting, trout fishing, hiking.   I love to play golf, and enjoy Hockey.