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The world changed tonight. A surely as it changed the day the Berlin wall came down. I am filled with such joy and amazement. My country has made a  wonderful, history-making choice. A choice that makes me feel hopeful. Hope, what a strange feeling for a pessimist like me. However, there's other...
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Since its Halloween today I decided to venture onto Red Room and share the following tips:    RULES FOR A SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN 1. When it appears that you have killed the monster, NEVER check to see if it's really dead. 2. Never read a book of demon summoning aloud, even as a joke...
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Madonna turns fifty this Saturday, a fact that reminds me I'm getting older too. I believe I still have her debut album in a musty box somewhere, packed securely with a pair of parachute pants. Like many gay men at the time, I admired her chutzpah. Her rise to stardom proved anyone could be special...
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 Thanks to Sean Taylor I've decided to particpate in this great "four things" meme. If you're reading this..then you should too. Also don't forget to stop by Sean's blog and let him know you posted the meme on your blog.   Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. Online Community...
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One of the great things about my job is all the wonderful authors and book-lovers I talk to everyday. These conversations happen on blogs, email, and even the telephone. Whether it's coaching a new blogger or chatting with an author about a new...
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Where is your cell phone? Purse Your significant other? Nonexistent Your hair? Curly Your mother? Loving Your father? Alive Your favorite time of day? Evening Your dream last night? Amnesia Your favorite drink? Coca-Cola Your dream goal? Uplifting The room you're in? Work Your ex? Forgotten...
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There are few things I miss from Michigan: Halo Burgers, Angelo’s Coney’s with French Fries and Gravy, Vernor’s Soda, and hot Pasty’s! I discovered a few stores in the Bay Area that sell Vernor’s but the rest of the list has been proven to be a futile search. So when I woke up this morning...
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Many of you may have noticed something different on redroom.com. Last night we began to roll out completely new author and member search pages. I'm very excited about this as it will allow us even more opportunity to showcase the fantastic community we have here. This blog post is going to focus...
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 If you are new to the Red Room, welcome! My name is Thomas and I'm the membership manager. I often post updates and information to my blog so check back here frequently. If you have questions about using Red Room or suggestions for improvement please feel free to contact me. We also have some...
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 I'm posting this blog to inform those of who you visit my page regularly that we've had to revert our member and author search pages back to the old style. While we can all agree the new features looked fantastic, they were causing performance issues which impacted the speed of the entire website...
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Like many African-American families, mine maintained our unique style of cooking despite the migration north. Now separated by thousands of miles from home I find myself craving the foods of my youth. It's good eat's and whether you call it home cooking, soul food, or southern cuisine its most...
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I love my home, its darling really; there's a fireplace, two small bedrooms, a nice modern kitchen, laundry area, and a backyard. Most importantly it's cheap. What apparently kept other renters away is the dominant view of Evergreen Cemetery just over the rickety wooden fence. Being a person who...
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Blogging is quickly becoming a must for both the aspiring and established author. Maintaining a blog is a great way to grow your audience, promote your writing, and best of all its free. The next important thing to do is to engage your readers and encourage them to comment. This is very easy to do...
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Last night Jennifer Massoni, Huntington Sharp, and I had the pleasure of attending Literary Death Match Episode 7at the Rickshaw Stopin San Francisco. Red Room Authors Jane Ganahl and Alan Black along with Mia Lipman were judges for the evening. Another Red Room author, the legendary Clive...
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