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Jun 2010

Thomas Bachand has been a professional photographer for over a decade, working in both traditional and digital mediums. He writes on digital imaging issues for professional trade publications and lecturers on photography and technology issues.  In addition to private collections, his photography can be found in the University of California's Bancroft Library and the California Historical Society.

Thomas Bachand’s photography is a consideration of the land and the competing visions that inform our interaction with the world at large.  Core to the work is its accessibility to the viewer.  The use of color and a documentary style allow for an open and immediate connection to the subject.  By embracing a historical perspective, the photography captures a sense of honesty characteristic of the medium’s early pioneers.  Whether creating a single, evocative image inviting reflection or a series conveying a sense of time and place, Bachand’s exploration includes the role of storyteller.  He seeks a convergence of the ordinary - extraordinary only in so much as it is revealing, offering both possibility and contemplation.  Bachand's work finds inspiration in Carleton Watkins, Eugene Atget, Ansel Adams, Richard Misrach, Larry Sultan, and Mark Rothko.

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