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I'm alive and well. I have had 5 short stories published, on Nib magazine and Bill and Dave Cocktail hour. I'm suprised but happy to see this blog still has readers. Thank you!
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  KGB archives related to the agency's secret research program in Artificial Intelligence were recently declassified. They reveal that the Soviets had succeeded in building a computer which could not only solve complex mathematical problems but was also capable of rational thinking of a human type...
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The time I won is the time I win. It is happening now. I will be featured in a jazz magazine, I have a manuscript which I'm polishing and which gives me goosebumps. My health is like the sun rising. I just finished a demo for a new piece. You can't win until the end of the game. But life has no end...
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I've been away from Redroom for a while. I've been busy getting my CD out, which is done. It is now available at cd baby and itunes. I want to thank the 1505 people who have read my blog, if Redroom's count is exact. That sounds so high, I have a hard time believing it. Being a musician and a...
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The Red Room is one of three state parlors on the first floor in the White House, the home of the President of the United States. The room has served as a parlor and music room, and recent presidents have held small dinner parties in it. It has been traditionally decorated in shades of red.en....
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I had been puzzled by the expression "to know something by heart" long enough that, last night, I dove head first in the pool of google's knowledge. It's easier to answer that question for the French version of that expression. By heart, in French, is "par coeur". Coeur, which...
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I finished writing my memoir. This is not the end though, just the first time that I finish. There will be others. That reminds me of a line from a movie that I have not been able to write yet, despite numerous attempts. It's called Bummer Finley and the Summer of Love. Bummer is a young man who...
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I have a hard time with people who don't finish their...my childhood was fillled with...moments of pure joy and interrupted by...which didn't matter in the...because I am here writing and that's all that really...Antimatter is as real as matter, but more rare.  Light never rests, truth is always in...
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  I'm on this writing website, as a memoir writer. Most of my fellow writers who also write memoirs, have had a pretty difficult life, and bear the scars of every imaginable form of evil. Yet, they survived, and now live to share their triumph with the rest of the world. It occurred to me that...
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Much to my suprise, the chapter I wrote last night is the last of my memoir. It bears all the marks of an end. And, if I compare with what I thought I could write, the best godd*amn end I ever wrote! So today, before I start rewriting, is celebration day.
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  I am a writer of light. I lay down words on the page to celebrate resurrection and growth. I walk along the path of luminous stories, and skip flat stones off the milky moon reflecting in a mountain lake. Like small ripples in the passage of time, silver shadows dance on white canvas, where...
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We all believe in Santa Claus, one way or another. We all have, as artists, writers, a yearning for validation, recognition, sale, fame, peer appreciation. Where there is a demand, there also is a supply. And supply if flowing faster than oil out of a BP sealed well. The scams all revolve around a...
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I received my first rejection letter yesterday. It came three days after my query. I'm not supposed to feel good about it but I do. It marks the first time my query was taken seriously enough to warrant a reply. I will not name the agency, but I thank them nevertheless. Until I get my first...
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I saved a butterfly today. It was stuck inside one of those vinegar filled doughnut-shaped plastic boxes designed to get rid of wasps. The box was hanging from a tree. I took a wood stick, lifted it inside the box through the hole below it. I know butterflies are smart. They can seize an...
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Lampblack, bone black, ivory black, vine black, orpiment, yellow, red and brown ochres, lapis lazuli, white lead, cinnabar, red lead, purple lake, made with Tyrian purple and green lake, are all pigments that were known and widely used by ancient painters of Greece. In their search for reproducing...
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