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I finished writing my memoir. This is not the end though, just the first time that I finish. There will be others. That reminds me of a line from a movie that I have not been able to write yet, despite numerous attempts. It's called Bummer Finley and the Summer of Love. Bummer is a young man who was forgotten by mother nature when neurons were distributed. Against all odds, he finds true love with B, the quintessential bubbly bombshell. With her, Bummer feels so at ease for the first time in his life, that he opens up to her and shares his most personal epihanies about life. "Don't give up on yourself! I see a brilliant future for you, with plenty of lights." says B. Bummer answers : "I''m a malfunction in progress." There's a Bummer in all of us. At any rate, there's one in me.

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It definitely sounds like a screenplay is in process. I would be anxious to see this!

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Catchy title, witty

Catchy title, witty dialogue, thierry. We want more! Mara

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Dear Sharon, Dear Mara,

Thank you for your support. I truly mean it. So I tell you I got a screenplay I can't write, and you ask me to write it? :)
You read between my lines! Lol. Oh boy, what am I getting into...OK then. I shall send more. Life never stops.