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Last chapter written last night

Much to my suprise, the chapter I wrote last night is the last of my memoir. It bears all the marks of an end. And, if I compare with what I thought I could write, the best godd*amn end I ever wrote! So today, before I start rewriting, is celebration day.

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I often wondered how I would know at what point I would end my memoir. I guess - you just feel it? It sounds as if you're confident, so congratulations on your completion.

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Thank you for your comment. My memoir has a natural end: the death of my friend. Yesterday I began to accept it: the chapter was rapidly finished.


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Accepting the end

My, I didn't expect to hear that. "Yesterday I began to accept it" is very poignant, Thierry, and telling.It sounds as if there was a "moment."

Still, congratulations.

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Yes, it is poignant. I

Yes, it is poignant. I re-read it this morning and could not fight blurry eyes. If you'd like, I can share this with you. Because it wouldn't fit in a redroom message, you can send me your email address at t0hierry@gmail.com (that's a "zero" between the "t" and the "h" ) and I'll email you how I see "the end."

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My outlook express won't work - so look for an email from

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Keep sending

I'd love to read it, thierry. Whenever you have a chance, you know the address. I look forward to it.