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by Theresa M. Moore It was something I was not prepared to do, at first. I had been playing around with several ideas all at once when participating in a fan club/writing group, and while I was working with them the seeds of the series sort of implanted themselves in the back of my mind. They did...
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When everyone discusses books, the most misunderstood and unrecognized genres for their impact on the human condition are science fiction and fantasy. We say nothing about fairy tales, or murder mysteries, or journalistic prose, but SF and fantasy also have something to teach the public about the...
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In retrospect I have found the last three years to be hell on Earth. I wrote a grand total of ten books in that time, and am trying to finish one more; though it has been difficult to focus on the plot or even try to derive any kind of joy from the work. I had set a deadline of November of last...
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