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Diving into a new year
The Kitchen Sisters have been given a matching grant. Every dollar raised between now and January 31 will be doubled. We hope you'll take the plunge with us and make a contribution. We thank you for your collaboration, your stories and your support. All best, Davia & Nikki P.S. Look for our new...
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Dear Friends, Lou "The Glue" Marcelli died at 3:00 this morning. He was 85 years old. Many of you may remember Lou from the first Hidden Kitchens story. Lou was the "Commodore" of the Dolphin Club, one of the oldest swimming and rowing clubs on the West Coast, open since 1877. Lou lived...
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The Kitchen Sisters are heading off to Dublin, Ireland tomorrow, April 22nd, to conduct a Radio Workshop with the Association of Irish Independent Radio Producers (www.radioproducers.ie). From there it's down to London for another Radio Workshop hosted by Alan Hall and Falling Tree Productions....
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