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Thaisa Frank's Books

The short fiction of Thaisa Frank has captivated readers for two decades, and now many of those pieces are collected in one volume, along with several new stories. In the title story, a lonely mother and housewife orders an enchanted man from a website called The Wondrous Traveler, who arrives with instructions for use and a list of frequently asked questions about enchantment...
Heidegger's Glasses
Heidegger’s Glasses opens during the end of World War II in a failing Germany coming apart at its seams. The Third Reich’s obsession with record-keeping and its  strong reliance on the occult has led to the formation of an underground compound of scribes--translators responsible for answering letters written to those eventually killed in the concentration camps. The...
VOLTAIRE  Candide, Zadig, and Selected Stories.  With a New Afterward by Thaisa Frank
This is Viking/Penguin's (Signet Classics) new edition of Candide. Some of his stories in this volume are remarkably short--really  a form of flash fiction--and give the reader an opportunity to see a side of Voltaire that is harder to see in Candide or Zadig.  In the Afterward, I explore the notion that although Voltaire's plots are predictable and some of his targets are obvious...
Sleepin in Velvet
I'm always impaling myself on silver things, things my lover gives me when I'm not looking. He buys me silver rings and puts them on me when I'm asleep. He buckles my waist with a silver belt, drapes me with silver necklaces, fastens anklets under my jeans, puts six earrings in the holes of my ears. Silver and never gold, because silver is the color of the accident one longs for....
Finding Your Writer's Voice
An illuminating guide to finding one's most powerful writing tool, Finding Your Writer's Voice helps writers learn to hear the voices that are uniquely their own. Mixing creative inspiration with practical advice about craft, the book includes chapters on: Accessing raw voice Listening to voices of childhood, public and private voices, and colloquial voices Working in first and...
A Brief History of Camouflage
In the spell-like, poetic fiction of Thaisa Frank, the fantastic is never far from the ordinary: her characters glimpse other worlds in their rear-view mirrors, receive postcards from long-dead friends, and take lovers who literally glow in the dark, their mustaches filaments, their pubic hair incandescent. Call it domestic magical realism, call it the work of a West Coast I.B....