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  1. The Sleepers (pictured in the blog below a HUGE empty space) is a picture that long reminded me of Heidegger's Glasses.  But only a perceptive question by Audra at  http://unabridged-expression.blogspot.com/2010/11/interview-with-thaisa-... got me to think about the picture. I'd never been able to find the artist, but Audra knew the painting. It's The Sleepers III by George Tooker.  And I'm grateful to Audra for her review at http://unabridged-expression.blogspot.com/2010/11/heideggers-glasses-by-...
  2. Another thanks to Anna at Diary of an Eccentric http://girlsgonereading.net/archives/1085 for a nuanced review and publishing an interview about what in the book is fact and what is fiction.
  3. And many thanks to Heidenkind whose perceptive articulation reminded me of how strongly the Persephone myth permeated my childhood.  Ever since I was three, my parents told me the story of Persephone, and I realized that it was my job to bring spring into that dark and unhappy household.  Her review is at http://heidenkind.blogspot.com.  There are more people to thank, including Jim Moret at the Huffington Post. And when I have a bit of time, I hope to thank more.  Meanwhile, this has reminded me of how badly writers need readers and how grateful this writer is for the gift of their time and their insight.