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Once more, I wanted to pass along the info that my intrepid publisher Counterpoint has chosen HEIDEGGER’S GLASSES for the Amazon Kindle Sunshine promotion, which means that until June 17th you can buy the e-book edition on Amazon for just $1.99.  You don’t need a Kindle. Books can be downloaded to all those adult toys that we hate to love—but love anyway--i.e. Smart Phones, iPhones and iPads.

If you already have the e-book, it would be great to pass this info along to a friend who might like HEIDEGGER’S GLASSES- and for you, there are 599 other titles in the Sunshine promo, priced from $.99 to $2.99 including THE FOUNTAIN OVERFLOWS by Rebecca West and THE COLLECTED STORIES OF ANDRES DUBOS.  As well as Wendy Nelson Tokunaga’s LOVE IN TRANSLATION. You can find all of them by going to the Kindle Promo at http://tinyurl.com/3z3z9ml (My book is in the promo section called “Literary Fiction. But if you want to find it quickly you can just type it in on the Amazon Kindle site.)

E-books, who knew? For myself—and I hope for many of you—nothing will ever replace the book as a physical object.  Still, when I see that HEIDEGGER’S GLASSES has sold almost as many copies in the e-book as the hardcover, I realize we’re in the midst of a revolution in reading and writing. It’s somewhat like the Gutenberg revolution because we have a new printing press that starts in the ethers and transmits to illuminated screens.


Thanks for reading this, for taking a look at the Promo and telling people about HEIDEGGER’S GLASSES.