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How to Talk About A Work in Progress

When I was asked to talk about a work-in-progress, I hesitated. It's not my style to reveal anything I'm doing until it's done.  You can see my efforts in the blog Light and Transient Causes (here or on my blog).   

Edie Meidav, author of Lola,  has wonderful things to say about her work in progress, Dogs of Cuba at

or on her blog


Two other writers talk about their work at http://www.thaisafrank.com/blog/  Here are two excerpts:


From Karen Bender:



I stared thinking about this book when I wanted to figure out why people liked  accusing one another. I think an image that stayed with me was watching enormous tanks roll down Oleander Drive in Wilmington, on the way to Iraq. This was happening when people were protesting this war around the globe. I wondered–how was this war starting? It seemed that no one was listening to each other, that the government was just barging ahead doing its own thing, and I started noticing how failure to communicate was happening on a massive scale–in our nation, in communities, within families. I wanted to write to find out how this happened and maybe how people could learn to connect with each other more.  It’s also about a couple who have trouble talking to each other, a troubled Jewish congregation in the Bible Belt, the Boy Scouts, and an unfortunate neighbor. 
And from Anne-E Wood The idea of the book came with insomnia. When I was in my mid-twenties, I had a hard time sleeping. So did my sister, so we would call each other up sometimes in the middle of the night. I thought about how odd it was: we had taken very different paths in life, but we shared this frustrating sleeplessness. We were up for separate reasons, but for those hours, we felt exactly the same way. So this idea of a novel about a family that can’t sleep came to me.  Night is a setting that reveals something about character that daylight hides. I didn’t invent this.
complete blogs are at http://thaisafrank.com/blog/  Please read them!