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Bohumil Hrabal--A must-read for those who appreciate the imagination

I have just discovered--grace of a wonderful writer--a Czech writer named Bohumil Hrabal--wildly imaginative, yet with an organized consciiousness that procedes with the inexorable logic of dreams. I'm reading Too Loud a Solitude and just ordered  I Served the King of England.  He also wrote Closely Watched Trains. Kundera called him "the most important writer working today."  He lived from the early part of the 20th century and died just three years before the end of the 20th.  Too Loud a Solitude was named a New York Times Notable Book of the year. 

It breaks loose of so many literary conventions.  It carves out a  territory of its own.  As imaginative as the best of childrens' books--those books we read our kids or our friends' kids--that are over the top and engross us and delight us and keep every sense alive.  

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Hi Thaisa, I didn't

Hi Thaisa, I didn't recognize the name of Bohumil Hrabal, but I did recognize Too Loud a Solitude. I came across this book a few years ago in the school library. It was displayed as a recommended book and it sounded intriguing. I must admit, I don't think I completely "got it," but after reading your post, I'd like to read it again. I love Kundera's work and he can be difficult for me, but he gets into my bones, even if the story falls to the background. I am still working on Immortality, which I've pecked at through the years and keep coming back to.

Thanks for bringing my interest back to Too Loud a Solitude and to read it more slowly this time and allow myself to just be there.

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Thanks for your post, Rebecca....

In truth, I find this book painful to read at times. The character is lyrically exalted and also twisted and at times indifferent to the point of being cruel. (I can barely read about the mice.) I haven't finished it, yet. But I'm nonetheless dazzled by the inventiveness of the language. It's like a novel that's a poem. But I'm curious where it will go. Let me know what you think.....Thaisa

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Very exciting -- I've always loved any book you've recommended and look forward to this one.