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April & Oliver
April & Oliver
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Tess gives an overview of the book:

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Note from the author coming soon...

About Tess

Tess Callahan has written for The New York Times Magazine, National Public Radio, Boston College Magazine, Cottonwood, The Stylus Anthology: 1950-2000, New York Newsday and elsewhere through syndication....

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Published Reviews


Callahan, Tess. April & Oliver. Grand Central. Jun. 2009. c.336p. ISBN 978-0-446-54059-9. $23.99. F
Callahan spins a dark, gritty tale of love, yearning, and choices while presenting engaging...


Publisher’s Weekly - June 15, 2009

April & Oliver
Tess Callahan. Grand Central, $23.99 (326p) ISBN 9780446540599

In this memorable debut, Callahan offers a uniquely funereal love...