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If I wasn't a writer, I could go clubbing
Why not laugh at someone else's mistakes and see how five or even ten wrongs can make a right?

Morning tv.  The "news."  In my daily migration through the channels I came across the phenom of "Laugh Clubs".  These are, I'm told, springing up all over the country.  You go, everybody starts laughing and that's it.  Cathartic.  No need for jokes, punchlines, pranks, you just "fake it til you make it."  Laughter is good for the soul, after all.

Well, I noticed the one club was being held in a doctor's office which led me to believe they had to pay to get in.  Have comedy clubs, movies and books gotten so humorless that people just skip the middleman and laugh just to laugh?  Is the world so bad we have to pay to get with a group of strangers to laugh?  We can't do it by ourselves?  We can't find a reason to laugh?

It occurred to me to hope they put a sign outside the clubhouse door so as to not alarm or annoy the neighbors.  Then I wondered, if the doctor was paid to get people together and it was just laugh, could anyone do it?  Is there a career here?  What are the credentials needed to start a laugh club?

More musings...does the club leader (person taking the money) subcontract and hire ringers?  You know, those people with contagious laughs that get people to laugh for no reason?  Is there a career in that?

If we are talking about clubs, how about crying clubs and anger clubs too?  Imagine the fun there.

Or let's go back...what about that emotional ringers career option?  Who cares about a career in ghostwriting, when you can get one as a ghost emoter!  Secret undercover people that can influence a crowd's emotion with their own.  Maybe these are already out there as agitaters or activists in political meetings. Makes me wonder...

Laugh maniacally but carry a big club card.  If you laugh for no reason but everyone is doing it, then you must be okay.

 I just picture the future where people go "clubbing" and it has a completely different meaning. 

T-shirt vendors, bumper sticker inventors, cash in now.  Quickly.  Laugh clubs might sell until people realize laughter doesn't make you happy, it just gives you that appearance.

So why not laugh at Laugh Clubs?  I'm sure the Youtube videos of them are coming soon.  And the first lawsuit when someone "dies laughing".

Okay, not laughing at that.  But I still have to laugh at something.  And Laugh Clubs are just silly enough for a smile.