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Book Release Today

Courting Constance, my second novel, is released today. 

I have asked over twenty sources for reviews and so far have two.  If anyone has advice on how to improve the odds, please let me know.  But today, new book, new hopes...celebrate the possibilities.

Here are the taglines to my book's first two reviews:

Fresh fiction--A perfect blend of humor and romance, this inspirational novel shows true love can conquer all."

Romance Junkies--COURTING CONSTANCE is a wonderful tale of learning what it truly means to love someone, even if it requires letting them go.


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Re: Review help

Dear David

Thank you so much for the list to try--I finally have a media kit to include with my books now so that should help too. 

You have some impressive reviews for your books--interesting topics and unique setting for westerns.  It was nice of you to share them.

Good luck with your writing and best wishes for your continued success.  I'm glad you write in more than one genre, something I'm working on too.  I really appreciate your time and help and thank you again so much!

Sincerely, Teryl Cartwright