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30 Days Notice
Teryl S. Cartwright. How to lose a guy in ten days in Regency England. Meet Abby--she is lousy at losing, but not exactly in the way you'd expect.


  A woman who died is being sued for an extra month's rent since she didn't give 30 days notice that she was "leaving." Seriously, I'm not making this up. Her son was on the news quite understandably furious with the apartment owner. The owner of the apartment basically said, "It's just business."

Okay, it's just business. So let's do some. What if an apartment owner had to give 30 days notice before a fire or before a water pipe bursts?

Let's go further...What if a company had to give 30 days notice before declaring bankrupcy or before selling out?

What if a politician had to give 30 days notice before changing voting position or better yet, before doing something stupidly scandalous that affects the job?

What if the weatherman had to given 30 days notice of an impending flood, tornado or earthquake?

Even better...What if life insurance companies paid your policy for LIVING to a certain date instead of dying?

What if publishers GOT only ten percent royalty instead of grudgingly giving it to you for YOUR work?

30 Days Notice. Is it unreasonable to ask for it? You decide--that's your business.

But I'll give my 30 day notice now. I'm going to write a future bestseller by June. Why not? If that apartment owner expects to hit the jackpot, then I do too. Only I think I have better odds.