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Oct 2008

My goal is to be published in as many genres as possible and I feel extremely fortunate to have partially realized this dream already.  This year my first novel, a Regency romance, came out (A Sensible Match, Vintage Romance Publishing) and my first play (Good Friday Grace, Contemporary Drama Service) was published as well.  I've also had the opportunity to co-author curriculum for Group Publishing (over 40 books) and have received bylines in newspapers and a lone magazine.  Born in Texas, but raised in PA, I balance dueling backgrounds and dual interests in writing and teaching while raising a family and clinging to my much needed sense of humor.


A childhood spent reading and daydreaming. My faith and family. The death of my courageous and grace filled husband. The idea that creativity can be systematically cultivated and that the best role models of achieving this ideal such as DaVinci, Edison and Jefferson were diversified, not specialized. The blessing of always being able to learn and most of the time having the willingness to do so.

Upcoming Works

Courting Constance (Regency Romance) Accepted and due for release in 2010

Prodigal (western, full novel under consideration)

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Vintage Romance Publishing, Contemporary Drama Service, Group Publishing

Interests & Hobbies

Creativity and how to develop it, writing, teaching, reading, origami, horseback riding, tennis, YouTube and inventions