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To Tempt the Wolf~~A Thrilling Read~~Bitten by Books
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Bitten by Books

Although there are some references to past characters and one makes a cameo appearance, To Tempt the Wolf the third in Ms. Spear’s Wolf series, can be read as a stand-alone. The grey wolf pack led by Hunter Greymere is fleeing the forest fires in California and heading north when Hunter’s sister Meara disappears. In Oregon, wolves star in Tessa Anderson’s photos and in her brother Michael’s paintings. When Michael is found guilty of murder, Tessa vows to find the real killer. With an ice storm coming, Tessa hits the beach as soon as she gets home from the trial. She plans to scavenge driftwood for the fireplace but instead discovers an injured man, naked and nearly blue from the cold. The man, of course, is Hunter, but from that point on, there are loads of surprises.

To Tempt the Wolf is packed with action, mystery and romance, all woven together to make it a thrilling read. The story really moves, with each scene adding to the suspense and building to the climax. It is as packed with characters as the earlier novels, but this one has far more going on, so it grabbed my attention at the start and made me reluctant to put it down. Because he is an alpha, Hunter postures very often and is almost constantly heading off to save someone. Tessa is headstrong but also has a touch of insecurity when it comes to Hunter. They really click as a couple and add just the right zing to the erotic scenes. This one is my favorite so far, but be sure to read the others, Heart of the Wolf and Destiny of the Wolf, and watch for more in this sizzling series.